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Publication • 06/08/2020

Grassland and Maize Agronomy Update August 2020

This month's Grassland and Maize Agronomy Update includes all the latest information on grassland herbicides, maize varieties and silage inoculants.

Press Release • 26/06/2020

Controlling thistles in grassland

Fields filled with 10% thistles produce 10% less grass to feed to livestock says Corteva Agriscience’s weed biology specialist Dr Nicola Perry.

Blog • 12/06/2020

Why I predict semi-dwarf PX131 will catch the eye of early drillers

The way oilseed rape growers are experimenting with novel establishment techniques reaffirms the importance of the crop to the rotation.

Press Release • 10/06/2020

Silage update: wholecrop cereal silage

The dry weather over the last couple of months has provided ideal conditions for harvesting grass silage but poor conditions for grass growth, consequently first cuts have been of good quality but disappointing in yield. We are currently looking at a

Press Release • 09/06/2020

Dock control after silage cuts

Spraying docks with an effective translocated herbicide two to three weeks after taking a silage cut will give very good control, as dock plants will all be the same size and have fresh healthy leaves when treated.

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