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Aylora® is a formulation containing an SDHI and chlorothalonil, and controls a range of diseases in wheat and barley.



Barley, Spring

Barley, Winter


Wheat, Spring

Wheat, Winter

Technical Specifications

A suspension concentrate containing 250 g/l chlorothalonil and 100 g/l penthiopyrad.

Recommended crop(s)
Winter and spring wheat.
Winter and spring barley.

Target disease
Wheat: Septoria tritici, Leptosphaeria (syn. Septoria) nodorum, brown rust.
Barley: Net Blotch, Ramularia, Rhynchosporium.

Use rate
Up to 2.5 l/ha.

Water volume and spray quality
Apply in 200-300 l/ha of water as a MEDIUM spray quality at a pressure of 2-3 bar.

Buffer zone information
Do not allow direct spray from horizontal boom sprayers to fall within the distance specified for the crop to the top of the bank of a static or flowing water body, or within 1m of the top of a ditch which is dry at the time of application. Aim spray away from water. Note: Buffer zones of more than 5m cannot be reduced under the Local Environment Risk Assessment for Pesticides (LERAP) scheme.

Rainfast 2 hours after application, provided good drying conditions.

Limit to number of applications
Wheat and Barley – 2 per crop.

Latest time of application
Winter and Spring Wheat - Apply up to the end of flowering (GS 69)
Winter and Spring Barley - Apply up to the end of heading (GS 59)

5 litres.

Area treated per pack
Winter and spring wheat: 2 ha at maximum label dose rate.
Winter and spring barley: 2 ha at maximum label dose rate.

PCS No. 05311


For more information, download the product label for Aylora®

Aylora® Label

Aylora® safety data sheet

Aylora® Safety Data Sheet

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