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Closer® is a new foliar-applied insecticide for control of aphids in ware and seed potatoes, brassica vegetables and leafy vegetables. Closer® contains Isoclast active, which belongs to a new class of chemistry the sulfoximines, which has a novel and unique mode of action.


Closer shows excellent systemic and translaminar activity, effective both by contact and ingestion, and provides excellent knockdown and residual efficiency.

  • Better than standards in potatoes and vegetables
  • Fast knockdown and 3 weeks persistence
  • Controls resistant Peach Potato aphids
  • Key partner in insecticide rotation
  • Minimal impact on bees and beneficials


Broccoli (outdoor)

Brussels sprout (outdoor)





Technical Specifications

Product Registration Number:
PCS No. 05341

Active Ingredient:
120 g/L Isoclast

Pack Size:
1.0 Litres

Suspension Concentrate

Maximum Individual Dose:
200 ml/ha – potatoes, brassica vegetables, leafy vegetables

Maximum No. Treatments:
2 per crop – potatoes (minimum spray interval of 21 days)
1 per crop brassica vegetables, leafy vegetables

Latest Timing:
7 days before harvest

Water Volume:
Potatoes – 200-600 L/ha
Brassica & leafy vegetables - 200-1000 L/ha

Spray Quality:
FINE/MEDIUM as defined by BCPC

Aquatic Buffer Zone:


For more information, download the product label for Closer®

Closer® Label

Closer® safety data sheet

Closer® Safety Data Sheet

Closer® technical information sheet

Closer® technical information sheet


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