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Curzate® M WG


Curzate® M WG is a fungicide containing cymoxanil and mancozeb for the control of potato blight.


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About Curzate® M WG


Curzate® M WG will control strains of blight both resistant and sensitive to phenylamides (e.g. Metalaxyl). The rapid penetration of cymoxanil into the leaf and its post-infection, curative activity means that Curzate® M WG provides blight protection both inside and outside the leaf and is effective even under irrigated conditions.

Curzate® M WG combines the security of the full rate of macozeb, the leading protectant, with the semi-systemic activity of cymoxanil, which provides an additional timing flexibility of 2-3 days compared with purely protectant mixtures.

Curzate® M WG is not damaging to the foliage of potatoes, which together with its excellent blight activity ensures consistent improvements in yield and tuber quality. It can be applied right up to the end of a blight programme, with sprays continuing as long as blight conditions last.



Technical Specification

Water dispersible granules containing 4.5% w/w cymoxanil and 68% w/w mancozeb.

Recommended crop

Target disease
Potato blight (Phytophthora infestans).

Use rate
2.0 kg product per hectare.

Water volume and spray quality
Apply in 200 litres of water per hectare in a MEDIUM quality spray.

LERAP information
Category B - 5m buffer zone, which can be reduced depending on dose rate, width of watercourse, sprayer type or 1m zone if ditch is dry.

Rainfall or irrigation within 2 hours after application may reduce effectiveness.

Minimum interval between sprays
7 days.

Limit to number of applications
Six per crop.

Latest time of application
Before yellowing.

Harvest interval

10 kg packs.

Area treated per pack
5 hectares.

PCS 04723


For more information download:

Curzate M WG Label

Curzate M WG Safety Data Sheet

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