The following DuPont Crop Protection products have been transferred to FMC. For more information about these products, please contact FMC at +44 (0)1244 537 370 or visit their website at:



Product Label SDS
All Clear® Extra All Clear Extra Ireland Label DIVESTED All Clear Extra Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Ally® Max SX® Ally® Max SX®  Ireland Label DIVESTED Ally® Max SX® Ireland SDS DIVESTED 
Ally® Ultra Ally® Ultra Ireland Label DIVESTED Ally® Ultra Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Benevia® 10OD Benevia® 10OD Ireland Label DIVESTED Benevia® 10OD Ireland SDS DIVESTED
BiPlay® SX® BiPlay® SX®  Ireland Label DIVESTED BiPlay® SX® Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Calibre® Max SX® Calibre® Max SX® Ireland Label DIVESTED Calibre® Max SX® Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Cameo® Max SX® Cameo® Max SX® Ireland Label DIVESTED Cameo® Max SX® Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Debut® Debut® Ireland Label DIVESTED Debut® Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Harmony® M SX® Harmony® M SX® Ireland Label DIVESTED Harmony® M SX® Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Harmony® Max SX® Harmony® Max SX® Ireland Label DIVESTED Harmony® Max SX® Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Inka® Max SX® Inka® Max SX® Ireland Label DIVESTED Inka® Max SX® Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Lorate® Lorate®Ireland Label DIVESTED Lorate® Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Omnera® LQM® Omnera® LQM® Ireland Label DIVESTED Omnera® LQM® Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Presite® Max SX® Presite® Max SX® Ireland Label DIVESTED Presite® Max SX® Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Prospect® SX® Prospect® SX® Ireland Label DIVESTED Prospect® SX® Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Quantum® Max SX® Quantum® Max SX® Ireland Label DIVESTED Quantum® Max SX® Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Safari® Lite Safari® Lite Ireland Label DIVESTED Safari® Lite Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Salsa® Salsa® Ireland Label DIVESTED Salsa® Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Steward® Steward® Ireland Label DIVESTED Steward® Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Venzar® 500SC Venzar® 500SC Ireland Label DIVESTED Venzar® 500SC Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Venzar® Flowable Venzar® Flowable Ireland Label DIVESTED Venzar® Flowable Ireland SDS DIVESTED
Verimark® 20SC Verimark® 20SC Ireland Label DIVESTED Verimark® 20SC Ireland SDS DIVESTED