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Galera®, based on clopyralid and picloram, is the main spring-applied herbicide for winter oilseed rape as it controls cleavers, mayweeds, sow-thistles and thistles, all weeds that compete with and interfere with the crop. It can be applied from the 4 leaf stage of the crop up to the point just before flower buds are visible above the crop canopy. Usually it’s cut off is at the end of March or beginning of April.


In practical terms, the trigger point for Galera® applications tends to be when crops and weeds start to grow, usually after fertiliser applications.


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About Galera®


Oilseed Rape

Weeds Controlled

Weeds Controlled (at 0.35 L/ha)

Black nightshade

S <4 etl

Black bindweed

S <4 etl


MS 150 mm


S <4 etl


S <4 etl

Creeping thistle

S 50 mm

Fool’s parsley

S <4 etl


S <4 etl


S <6 leaves


S <4 etl

Scented mayweed

S 150 mm

Scentless mayweed

S 150 mm


S <4 etl

Volunteer beans

S <4 etl

Volunteer peas

S <4 etl

Volunteer sugar beet

S <4 etl

Key: bold - label weeds, etl - established true leaves; S - Susceptible, MS - Moderately Susceptible *Cleavers which germinate after application will not be controlled.

Non-Label weeds listed as an indication of the effect that would be expected to be achieved based on limited data - these are not recommendations; just an indication of what effects might be achieved.

Cleavers are the most aggressive and competitive weed, impacting yield and decreasing percentage oil content. They can also contaminate seed, increasing the risk of admixture and reducing the price/tonne. As well as being visible at flowering, these problem weeds make harvesting much more difficult and more costly. Controlling these weeds in oilseed rape will also minimise seed return across the rotation, helping to reduce the weed burden and herbicide spend in following crops.

Applied at 0.35 l/ha, Galera is approved for the control of cleavers, mayweeds, creeping thistles and sow-thistle. To get the best results on cleavers, conditions need to be warm before and after application, weeds should be actively growing and less than 150 mm in size. Groundsel is well controlled up to the 6 leaf stage.

Technical Specifications

Product Registration Number:
PCS No. 05188

Active Ingredient:
267 g/litre clopyralid and 67 g/litre picloram

Pack Size:
1.0 Litre

Solution Concentrate

Maximum Individual Dose:
0.35 L/ha

Maximum Total Dose:
0.35 L/ha

Latest Timing:
Before flower buds visible above the canopy

Water Volumes:
200 L/ha

Spray Quality:
MEDIUM as defined by BCPC


Applications of Galera® can be made from the 4 leaf stage of the crop (after 1st March), and prior to canopy closure and before flower buds are visible above the crop canopy.


Galera correct late timing


In order to optimise performance, stable air temperatures of at least 6°C and rising are needed, but preferably 8°C or higher.  The warmer and more stable conditions are, the better the results. Warm days and cold nights (high diurnal variation) do not suit Galera® and weed control, particularly of cleavers, could be reduced. Mayweeds and thistle control is less affected


For more information, download the product label for Galera®

Galera® Label

Galera® Safety Data Sheet

Galera® Technical Information Sheet

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