Wheat ears in flower



Transform® is a systemic, foliar applied insecticide with a novel mode of action for controlling aphids in winter and spring cereals. Transform contains Isoclast active, which belongs to a new class of chemistry the sulfoximines.


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•Transform shows excellent systemic and translaminar activity, effective both by contact and ingestion, and provides excellent knockdown and residual efficiency.

•An improvement on current standards in cereals.

•Effective against all aphid species, regardless of resistance to other insecticides.

•No cross resistance with other chemical groups (including Group 4s).

•Low use rate.

•Key partner in insecticide rotation, as part of an anti-resistance strategy.

•Minimal impact on bees and other beneficials, when used as directed on the label.

•Degrades rapidly in the soil.


  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Rye
  • Triticale
  • Durum wheat
  • Spelt

Technical Specifications

Product Registration Number:
PCS No. 05342

Active Ingredient:
500 g/kg Isoclast

Pack Size:
0.25 kg

Water Dispersible Granule

Maximum Individual Dose:
48 g/ha

Maximum No. Treatments:
1 per crop from BBCH12 to BBCH87
In winter cereals:
November to January, BBCH 12 to 21, or a spring application between BBCH 39 and 87.
In spring cereals:
between BBCH 39 and 87

Latest Timing:
21 days before harvest

Water Volume:
200-315 L/ha

Spray Quality:
FINE/MEDIUM as defined by BCPC

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