Potato rows

Vydate® 10G


Vydate® 10G offers nematode control in a range of root crops.

About Vydate® 10G


Why use Vydate 10G

  • Only nematicide offering variable rate
  • 80 day PHI
  • Single product across potato/carrots/parsnips/beet


  • Beet
  • Carrot
  • Parsnip
  • Potato

Vydate Stewardship

Technical Specifications

Granules containing 10% oxamyl.

Recommended crops/use rates

  • Potatoes: 40 to 55 kg/ha overall, 140 to 210g per 100m row in-furrow.
  • Sugar beet: 30 to 45g per 100m row in-furrow.
  • Carrots and Parsnips: 90g/100m row.



Target pests

  • POTATO – Potato cyst nematode, Free-living nematodes transmitting spraing (TRV).
  • SUGAR BEET – Docking disorder. Soil insects. Pygmy beetle. Mangold fly (leaf miner). Aphids.
  • CARROTS and PARSNIPS – Suppression of plant parasitic nematodes and reduction of fanging.


LERAP information

VYDATE® has no LERAP restrictions.



15kg Ecolite® system container.

Failure to return empty Ecolite® system containers will incur a charge of £25 per missing container.


PCS No. 03698


For more information, download:

Vydate® 10G Label

Vydate® 10G safety data sheet

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