Establish healthy, uniform crops and maximize productivity with advanced seed treatment from Corteva Agriscience™ on Pioneer® brand seed. Pioneer WOSR seed is available with either LumiGEN™ Standard treatment or Lumiposa® insecticide treatment. 


LumiGEN seed treatment

LumiGEM technologies is the overarching seed treatment portfolio exclusive to the seed brands of Corteva Agriscience.

Seedlings need protection during the critical early growth period and with LumiGEN technologies, farmers can have confidence their seedlings are protected.


Benefits of LumiGEN

  • Best-in-class seed treatment protection: LumiGEN technologies identifies the development, research and formulation behind diverse and growing seed-applied technologies offerings that help maximize farmer productivity, now and as we grow
  • Proven results: LumiGEN technologies seed-applied treatments help establish a healthier, more uniform crop for a strong start and greater yield potential
  • Confidence: Seedlings need protection during the critical early growth period. Extensive research and testing of the LumiGEN technologies portfolio gives growers confidence that their seeds and seedlings are protected

Lumiposa seed applied insecticide

Lumiposa is a systemic seed treatment insecticide that has been developed to protect young oilseed rape seedlings from a broad range of pests. It should be used as part of an Integrated Pest Managment strategy.


Benefits of Lumiposa

  • Lumiposa is a new insecticide seed treatment product containing cyantraniliprole
  • It provides some  protection against key pests in OSR including Delia radicum
  • Lumiposa helps to grow visibly superior OSR plants for more secured yields
  • A new Mode of Action for seed treatment makes Lumiposa® ideal as resistance management tool
  • Lumiposa has a favourable environmental profile and minimal impact on beneficials if applied according to label recommendations
  • A new tool for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programmes


Mode of action 

  • Cyantraniliprole, the active ingredient in Lumiposa, activates insects’ ryanodine receptors (RyRs) which play a critical role in muscle function. Contraction of muscles requires a regulated release of calcium from intracellular stores into the cell cytoplasm.
  • However, cyantraniliprole molecules bind to the RyRs causing an uncontrolled release of calcium. This prevents muscles from contracting and stops insects from feeding.
  • Thanks to this Mode of Action, Lumiposa® provides nearly immediate protection from feeding damage even though pests may still appear to be active.


Key pests controlled

Lumiposa is a systemic seed treatment insecticide that has been developed to protect young oilseed rape seedlings from a broad range of pests.

Plants are rapidly protected from insect feeding damage allowing them to grow more vigorously for a better crop establishment.


Environmental profile 

  • Lumiposa® has a favourable toxicological and eco-toxicological profile if applied according to label recommendations.
  • It selectively controls pests that feed on plant tissue.
  • Lumiposa® oilseed rape seed treatments are unlikely to pose a risk to pollinators and beneficial arthropods due to the product’s toxicity profile in combination with low to no exposure levels.
  • These characteristics make Lumiposa® a suitable choice for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes by maximising the effectiveness of beneficial arthropods. 

Lumiposa brochure