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Corteva Agriscience are producing a product range of biologicals that will help to support existing farm practices to ensure your land is productive and healthy for many years to come. Together, the complementary capabilities of Corteva, Stoller and Symborg will make it possible to serve our delighted customers above and beyond, find out more about our collaborative work with Symborg and Stoller here.

Using biologicals within your current farm practices will help to address the challenges faced such as resistance management and return on investment. 

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Our products

BlueN™ nutrient efficiency biostimulant is the first to be introduced into this product range. Learn about BlueN here.


Why are the benefits of biologicals?

Established Results

Our biologicals are rigorously tested over the course of several years to ensure peace of mind and confidence when it comes to harvest.


Evoloving farming practices

You can rely on our solutions to help address challenegs such as resistance management and environmental impacts. Helping you to evolve your farming practices. 

Meet developing market expectations

Our biologicals will help you boost your return on investment and adapt to changing consumer tastes and requirements, thereby benefiting your bottom line.


Our biological products

We’re always developing and evolving our products to consistently push the boundaries and meet the ever changing needs of our customers.


Biocontrol products

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Biocontrol products offer a natural shield against insects and disease to deliver enhanced control. 


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Biostimulants increase crop resilience and growth by strengthening the underlying health and vitality of the plant. 



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A targeted and flexible approach to pheromone application will target pests with a class of pheromones that you can use with confidence. 


What is a biological?

Biologicals are agricultural products and solutions derived from natural ingredients.


Can biologicals replace my other crop protection solutions?


Biologicals are at their most effective when working in conjunction with other products to improve yield and crop protection. 





How does Corteva Agriscience bring biologicals to the market?

We’re bringing new biological products to the Irish market through collaboration with innovative partners. We have identified opportunities in biostimulants, biocontrol and pheromone products that complement our crop protection and seed portfolio. Corteva are committed to testing all new products thoroughly for proven, predictable performance.

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