Protect now. Profit later with Inatreq™ active

Protect now. Profit later with Inatreq Ireland

Products containing Corteva Agriscience’s innovative new cereal fungicide Inatreq™ active have, over the past two growing seasons, proven their ability to deliver outstanding control of key diseases - most notably septoria and rusts.

This novel chemistry even has the ability to control septoria isolates which have become resistant to other chemistry on the market, allowing crops to stay greener for longer, building that all-important yield for UK and Irish growers.

Investing in yield protection makes even more sense this year

Protecting a crop’s potential and maximising its yield are priorities for all arable farmers at this time of year. But, as cereal fungicide programmes get into full swing, there is an added incentive to do so in 2022.  

At the time of writing, wheat is worth significantly more than it was at the same time last year. Crops have begun to push through the growth stages as soil temperatures rise and, despite the current dry conditions, septoria is not hard to find.

Looking at robust fungicide programmes to prevent yield losses is therefore of paramount importance.

In 2021 conditions were dry before the rains hit in May and septoria exploded across many areas of the UK and Ireland. Looking ahead at the next four weeks – rather than back at the past four weeks – is the strategy to adopt.

Across the board, Inatreq™ active has shown how it can protect both crops and yield.

In independent AHDB Recommended List trials in 2020 – which was a low disease pressure year –treated crops yielded 1.85T/ha more than untreated. Last year, when disease was higher, the difference was 2.43T/ha.

If we apply some real numbers to that, a 1.85T/ha uplift in yield would, at today’s prices, return a grower a benefit of £481/ha for a programme costs of maybe £120/ha. A 2.43T/ha increase in yield would be a £631/ha benefit for the same £120/ha programme cost. Why risk cutting back?

The numbers look favourable when compared to untreated plots, but let’s have a look at how Inatreq Co-packs does when compared to the other recently-launched fungicide on the market, Revystar® XL.

Corteva’s own trials across Ireland in 2021, showed an average yield increase of 0.46t/ha, this increase is worth approximately €135 - €150 to the farmer, in comparison to other market standards.

The optimum use rate in Ireland is between 1.5l/ha to 2.0l/ha based on the disease pressure for the specific crop location, and the weather pattern prior to, and following application.

Liz Glynn - National Field Technical Manager
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Inatreq™ active, available in brands Aquino™, Peacoq™ and Questar™ provides curative activity alongside persistent control of Septoria making it the fungicide product of choice at T2. 

For 2023, Corteva’s best practice application advice will enable growers to benefit from the unique and outstanding performance of products containing Inatreq with confidence. We also recently announced our €200 stewardship support offer to further support growers and sprayer operators - start your claim here.


For enquiries, contact Terrachem on: +353 87 254 7534 or email:, or call the Corteva technical hotline: +44 800 689 8899 or e-mail:

Inatreq™ active - a new fungicide from Corteva Agriscience™

Inatreq™ active has undergone decades of work by some of the brightest minds in global crop protection product development.

With novel sites of action being increasingly hard to discover, Corteva’s scientists turned to nature to discover Inatreq. The new molecule is derived from a natural compound, UK-2A, produced through fermentation and converted to Inatreq through a single step modification after fermentation to enhance stability and offer long term protection.

Inatreq is converted back to UK-2A both inside plants and in the presence of fungi. It binds to the quinone inside inhibitor in the fungal pathogen – a different site to all other cereal fungicides on the market, giving it a unique site of action.

Curative properties tackle latent Septoria and with the bulk of applications expected at the T2 timing, farmers using Inatreq can expect robust protection lasting four to six weeks.

Outstanding control of Septoria will be noted by farmers and advisors as Inatreq’s key attribute. But the list of qualities is long.

Key Features

  • Novel target site in cereal
  • Naturally derived, produced by fermentation
  • Protectant and curative
  • No cross resistance to existing chemistry
  • Long-lasting Septoria protection
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Aquino™ contains fenpicoxamid (Inatreq™ active). Peacoq™ contains fenpicoxamid (Inatreq™ active). Questar™ contains fenpicoxamid (Inatreq™ active).