Protect now. Profit later with Inatreq™ active

Protect now. Profit later with Inatreq Ireland

Corteva Agriscience has announced that Univoq™, one of the leading fungicides used to control septoria and rusts, is now available to wheat growers in Ireland.

Univoq has been widely used across Europe and the world and consistently proven its efficacy against key diseases, most notably septoria.

The product contains the Inatreq™ active molecule in co-formulation with prothioconazle, optimised by Corteva’s patented i-Q4™ formulation which enables Univoq to stick to, spread across, and penetrate the leaf’s surface.

Its robust activity on the main diseases found in Irish wheat fields means green leaf area is maximised, laying the foundations for greater yields.

The greatest benefit of applying Univoq has been seen at the T2 fungicide timing, although many growers have also explored the benefits of the product at T1.

Liz Glynn, Corteva’s National Technical Manager for Ireland, said: “It’s really good news that Corteva is able to offer Univoq to wheat growers in Ireland this year following the great successes it has delivered in terms of disease control and yields across Europe.

“Many growers here will have already seen how effective the Inatreq molecule is having used it in our Questar™, Aquino™ and Peacoq™ fungicide co-packs which have been on the market since 2021.  

“In Univoq we now have a one-bottle solution offering simplicity and ease of use, with the additional benefit of the i-Q4 formulation.”

Steven Kildea, Plant Pathologist at Teagasc, said: “We have seen in the field that Inatreq active is an excellent molecule when it comes to controlling septoria, which is much needed.

“We’ve seen actives disappear from the Irish grower’s toolbox but Inatreq came in and has really found a home for itself in fungicide programmes. Now, with Univoq, we will see the same efficacy in terms of disease control to help build yield, but it will be co-formulated into a single bottle which will appeal to farmers here.” 

Growers have flexibility on the rates they choose to apply Univoq at, ranging between 1.5l/ha and 2l/ha depending on the disease pressure. 

Inatreq active offers outstanding biology performance, and its novel target site for septoria gives farmers an important tool to help manage the disease, as it shows no cross-resistance to existing cereal fungicide chemistries. Farmers also will benefit from its flexible application characteristics and consistent, broad-spectrum performance.


Inatreq™ active, available in brands Univoq™Aquino™, Peacoq™ and Questar™ provides curative activity alongside persistent control of Septoria making it the fungicide product of choice at T2.  

Best practice application advive and 200 stewardship support offer

For 2024, Corteva’s best practice application advice will enable growers to benefit from the unique and outstanding performance of Corteva products containing Inatreq with confidence. We also recently announced our €200 stewardship support offer to further support growers and sprayer operators - start your claim here

For enquiries and additional information, contact:

For enquiries, contact Terrachem on: +353 87 254 7534 or email:, or call the Corteva technical hotline: +44 800 689 8899 or e-mail:  You can also contact: Liz Glynn - National Field Technical Manager. Mobile: 086 844 5306 /

More about Inatreq™ active  from Corteva Agriscience™

Inatreq™ active has undergone decades of work by some of the brightest minds in global crop protection product development.

With novel sites of action being increasingly hard to discover, Corteva’s scientists turned to nature to discover Inatreq. The new molecule is derived from a natural compound, UK-2A, produced through fermentation and converted to Inatreq through a single step modification after fermentation to enhance stability and offer long term protection.

Inatreq is converted back to UK-2A both inside plants and in the presence of fungi. It binds to the quinone inside inhibitor in the fungal pathogen – a different site to all other cereal fungicides on the market, giving it a unique site of action.

Curative properties tackle latent Septoria and with the bulk of applications expected at the T2 timing, farmers using Inatreq can expect robust protection lasting four to six weeks.

Outstanding control of Septoria will be noted by farmers and advisors as Inatreq’s key attribute. But the list of qualities is long.

Key Features

  • Novel target site in cereal
  • Naturally derived, produced by fermentation
  • Protectant and curative
  • No cross resistance to existing chemistry
  • Long-lasting Septoria protection

Aquino™ contains fenpicoxamid (Inatreq™ active). Peacoq™ contains fenpicoxamid (Inatreq™ active). Questar™ contains fenpicoxamid (Inatreq™ active).