Stewardship of our products

Effective stewardship is a major platform of our business to ensure that our products are only used when necessary and any undesirable effects of spraying are minimised.  

NEW: 2024 Ireland best practice sprayer hygiene and maintenance

Learn more about best practice sprayer hygiene and maintenance, including Inatreq™ active application advice for 2024.

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Corteva Stewardship Resources

Forefront® T & Halcyon® stewardship

Forefront T and Halcyon are the most effective products for managing weeds such as docks, nettles, thistles, buttercups, dandelions and ragwort. These products should only be applied to established grassland where cattle or sheep are grazed. Herbicide residues in grass that is used for zero grazing, silage, hay or haylage may harm sensitive crops if the resulting manure/slurry is used as fertiliser. 

Learn more about how to complete Forefront T and Halcyon stewardship training.

Propyzamide stewardship

Renowned herbicides such as Astrokerb® and Kerb® Flo contain propyzamide and are the cornerstones of many herbicide programmes. They are key to controlling grassweeds, especially blackgrass and ryegrass in oilseed rape, and with no known resistance, propyzamide can help manage and reduce the burden of these weeds across the rotation. 

After a heavy rain event there is a risk of propyzamide attached to soil particles getting washed into surface water. Appropriate planning, management and adoption of stewardship practices must be followed to mitigate this risk.

Oilseed rape growers are urged to consider the actions they can take to protect watercourses. Field selection, tramline placement and buffer zones can all play an important role in effective risk mitigation.

Counterfeit and illegal pesticides in Europe

The government review of authentic, legal products undergo extensive testing and strict evaluation. These essential regulatory processes serve to ensure that only safe and high-quality products are commercialised.

Unfortunately, there are a growing number of counterfeits and illegal products being placed on the market. Not only do these illicit products compromise sustainable agriculture, but they also pose an unacceptable risk to health - human and environmental.

At Corteva, we have a global anticounterfeiting strategy to protect our customers and our brands.

Corteva takes first steps forward in easyconnect project

Corteva Agriscience has taken a vital step forward in the transition to packaging products that are compatible with the easyconnect system, which will ultimately make filling sprayers safer and more efficient.



Inatreq™ application advice for 2024

Products containing Inatreq™ active have a strong reputation for their robust control of septoria, including those isolates resistant to other chemistries. As a result, crops are kept greener for longer, giving the best possible chance for increased yields.

For 2024, we want farmers and spray operators make the most of the unique benefits Corteva products containing Inatreq active have to offer. New best practice application advice is now avilable to help you optimise your field operations. 

ProClova XL Best Practice Guidelines

Find out how to maximise ProClova XL whilst protecting water.

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