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Our expanding range of solutions now includes:

Zorvec Entecta™, containing the renowned Zorvec™ active, Option® (cymoxanil), the herbicide Titus®, and biostimulant BlueN™.

How our solutions can fit into your programme



Zorvec active

Zorvec active is the first active ingredient of its kind — a member of a novel class of fungicides that control diseases caused by oomycetes acting at a unique target site. It also works inside plants to protect new growth. As leaves emerge, Zorvec continues protecting the plant.

Key benefits:

  • Unique site of activity: contains new chemical group FRAC Group 49.
  • Outstanding efficacy: offers robust control on a 7-day spray interval, even during rapid growth phase of crop.
  • Systemic activity: systemic movement of Zorvec active enables uniform protection even for portions of leaves receiving partial spray coverage.

See below for Zorvec containing products available to Ireland growers.


Zorvec Entecta

Zorvec Entecta utilises the renowned Zorvec active formulation to deliver the most flexible Late Blight control and will ensure a clean start to your blight programme, even under the most challenging conditions.

Formulation: Suspo-emulsion (SE) containing 240g/l amisulbrom + 48g/l oxathiapiprolin - Group 21 + 49 Fungicides respectively.
Recommended rate: 0.25L/ha

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Corteva advise all growers to read and understand the 2024 best practice application advice for Zorvec containing products before spraying.


Option is a fungicide for potato Late Blight disease control containing cymoxanil which has been the backbone of blight programmes for many years and continues to provide invaluable curative activity that can be combined with other AI's at any stage of the blight programme. With mancozeb in withdrawal, Option, containing straight cymoxanil, offers additional curative activity and an alternative mode of action when mixed with other single AI blight products.

Formulation: Water dispersible granule containing 600g/kg cymoxanil.
Key benefits:

  • Option contains cymoxanil, which is locally systemic and offers both preventative and curative control.
  • It must only be applied in tank-mixture with specified formulations of partner blight materials.
  • The combination of two active ingredients will also help to reduce the selection and build-up of resistant strains of fungi. 

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Titus is the mainstay of early season post emergence weed control in potatoes. Typically applied when weeds break through residual programmes or germinate late. Best control is achieved when weeds are small and actively growing (between 2-4 true leaves). Titus has activity on a wide range of difficult broad-leaved weeds, such as cleavers, chickweed, redshank, mayweed, brassica weeds and volunteer oilseed rape. It also has some excellent activity on some grasses, notably couch.

Formulation: 250 g/kg rimsulfuron
Application timing: in the spring pre-emergence of the crop up until the crop is 25 cm high. Best control is achieved when weeds are small and actively growing (cotyledon to 2 true leaves).
Application method: Sprayer
Key benefits:

  • Suitable for use on all potato varieties excluding seed crops.
  • Broad spectrum of activity including difficult broad-leaved weeds and grasses.
  • It can be tank-mixed with metribuzin (on metribuzin tolerant varieties only), for improved control of knotgrass, fat hen and speedwells. However, mixtures with metribuzin will be antagonistic in terms of cleaver control.
  • Always use with an approved adjuvant at 0.1% v/v when used alone or in tank-mix.

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BlueN provides a crop with a unique way to capture nitrogen throughout the season, helping plants reach their yield potential.

Contains: Methylobacterium symbioticum.
Pack size: 1kg
Recommended rate: 333g/ha
Maximum no. of applications: 1 application per crop.
Application timing: when the crops are meeting in the row (BBCH 16-35).
Application method: Foliar with sprayer.
Rainfast: 1 hour
Key benefits:
Enhanced plant growth and resilience.

  • BlueN enhances plant growth and resilience by producing a constant flow of nitrogen directly inside the plant, to the plant. This process occurs throughout the growing season.

Easy to use.

  • BlueN is simple and easy to store. Unopened, BlueN has a shelf life of 2 years. Once opened, the contents should be used on day of opening.

Provides a sustainable source of nitrogen.

  • BlueN meets changing market expectations by providing a supplementary and sustainable source of nitrogen, without the risk of leaching or releasing additional greenhouse gases. Applied on top of the planned N programme apply from when plants meet in the row, immediately before rapid canopy expansion. BlueN reduces the dependency of nitrogen fertiliser uptake from the soil and ensures the plant has access to nitrogen all season long. An analysis of 32 trials showed an average yield response of 2.5t/ha, 80% of these trials showed a positive yield response that was 3.5t/ha on average.

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