Oilseed rape

oilseed rape in flower

Crop Protection and varieties in oilseed rape

When it comes to blackgrass and other grassweeds, the power of Kerb® Flo 400 (propyzamide) has stood the test of time. With no reports of blackgrass resistance, ASTROKerb® is a vital weapon to fight grassweeds.  ASTROKerb also provides enhanced performance against certain broad-leaved weeds such as mayweed and poppy.

Both are best applied when soil temperatures have got down to 10°C at 30 cm and falling and there is sufficient moisture in the soil for plant uptake.  These conditions are rarely met before November. (Both products can be used up to January 31st).

When broad-leaved weeds need to be controlled Belkar is a new post-emergence autumn applied herbicide for use on winter oilseed rape. Belkar provides superior control of a wide range of broad-leaved weeds, including Cranesbill, Cleavers, Poppy, Shepherd’s Purse and Fumitory. The proven post-emergence herbicide Galera will control mayweeds, thistles and a range of other broad-leaved weeds in winter oilseed rape.

young oilseed rape crop

New oilseed rape herbdicide - Belkar

Let your crop establish before investing in herbicides – Belkar can be used post em and gives great control of key weeds including cranesbill, cleavers, poppy and fumitory. 

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