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Blog: Why the registration of Questar is so important for Irish farmers

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By Liz Glynn

I expect every farmer and agronomist reading this has had the lecture about how expensive new crop protection chemistry is to develop.

I’ll spare you the explanation about the many, detailed steps research and development has to take, not to mention the regulatory approval process which adds years to any project.

It is because of the effort and expenditure that goes in to bringing a product to market that makes new chemistry launches such fantastic moments for the team who work at Corteva.

On 2 April 2020, we announced that Corteva Agriscience’s first product containing InatreqTM active, QuestarTM, gained authorisation in Ireland. If you missed the headlines, it is the first new molecule for the control of septoria in cereals in 15 years.

That’s a major milestone, and one that farmers and agronomists have been crying out for.

It is also the first cereal fungicide to be launched by Corteva, marking an important moment in our short history as a new, global crop protection and seed company.

As the National Technical Manager for Ireland, I’m especially proud and excited that it is happening in my territory.

We need new chemistry for many reasons. Of course, protecting plants and building yield are the primary drivers.

But the bigger picture is the role that products such as Questar – and other Inatreq-based fungicides that follow in due course – will play in prolonging the efficacy of existing chemistry.  

We have a limited toolbox and must do all we can to protect it, and Inatreq shows no cross resistance to all other septoria fungicides in the cereal market.

Because Questar has only just been registered in Ireland, we won’t be making sales to farmers for use this season.

But we look forward to working with Terrachem next year on its distribution. We have a great relationship with their team and I know they are excited about this launch too.  

Before that we hope to have visits to our trials sites this season (movement restrictions permitting) to show what the chemistry is capable of.

I’ve been looking at its performance for a number of years and have been blown away by what I have seen.

In England and Scotland, Corteva has had seven farmers trying Inatreq on a trials basis since 2017 and I’m pleased that we will have field-scale trials in Ireland so you, our end users, can see how it performs under Irish conditions. 

Inatreq’s curative properties tackle latent septoria but, looking forward, farmers can also expect robust protection lasting four to six weeks.

Trials have shown outstanding control of septoria and control of other key diseases including rusts.

Inatreq is arriving at a crucial time, and Ireland is so far only the third country to gain registration for use. 

Corteva’s team in Ireland is very much looking forward to launching this product to you in the coming months.



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