Press Release •  06/05/2024

Septoria pressure showing in Irish wheat crops

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Wheat growers in Ireland will need robust chemistry at the T2 fungicide timing to offset the threat of septoria this year, Corteva Agriscience has advised.

A warm February was followed by a very wet March which continued into much of April, and indications in the field are pointing towards a high-pressure year for septoria as a result.

Weather patterns disrupted spring fungicide programmes in parts of the country where drilling and establishment was already a challenge during the previous autumn. 

Corteva’s National Field Technical Manager for Ireland, Liz Glynn, said: “The conditions look likely to create a perfect storm; septoria lesions are easy to find, even on varieties which have proven high resistance.

“It’s been a difficult few months for tillage farmers, and the last thing we want is for septoria and rusts to compound what has already been a very tough season.

“Farmers are playing catch-up on spring fieldwork and will be hoping for a decent window in the next few weeks. When it comes to fungicide applications we’re advising that programmes should reflect the disease pressure seen in the fields and be developed sooner rather than later so product is in the store and ready to go.”

For the past three years, independent AHDB trials have shown that Corteva’s UnivoqTM fungicide is the most effective product available in Ireland for the control of septoria in wheat.

It is available for the first time in Ireland this year and packaged in a single bottle for ease of use. 

Containing InatreqTM active with prothioconazole, and strengthened by Corteva’s patented IQ-4 formulation, Univoq has provided the best curative activity against wheat’s most damaging disease, putting it ahead of other broad-spectrum fungicides.

Univoq is also effective against rusts, which are likely to be prevalent in later-drilled crops this year.

To help tackle the season’s challenges, Corteva experts advise growers use fungicide chemistry with both protectant and curative qualities.

“Univoq has proven its ability to deliver curative and preventative persistence against yield-robbing diseases, including following wet springs in circumstances similar to what we are facing today.” 

Predominantly used at the T2 fungicide timing when the flag leaf fully is emerged to elicit the greatest possible yield response, Univoq helps contain latent disease and protect the crop for the following four-to-six weeks.

A standard application of Univoq at the T2 timing is recommended at 1.5l/ha to 1.75l/ha.

Liz said: “With spray windows getting ever more irregular, farmers need to ensure they use the best product at key timings. The rate decided upon will be dictated by variety, disease prevalence and yield potential.

“The level of protection achieved gives farmers peace of mind if spray intervals get stretched.”

Univoq should always be applied with a multisite such a folpet, Liz added. 

Corteva has urged growers to follow its best practice application advice when applying products containing the Inatreq active.


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