Our Response to Covid-19

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Corteva Agriscience is playing its part as the world continues to battle coronavirus and the disease it causes, Covid-19.

The company’s primary duty is to keep its employees, and those who they interact with while conducting business on behalf of Corteva, safe.

We have taken immediate action in line with government advice to protect our employees and their families. Their welfare is our number one priority.

The adjustments we have made to business operations are helping to maintain the level of service our customers and the end users of our products expect.

Farmers have always been essential to food security and their important role during this crisis has rightly been highlighted.

Seed continues to be drilled and plants nurtured and protected while crops are harvested in preparation for shops that are busier than they have ever been.

How Corteva is helping in the UK and Ireland

We would like to briefly outline what Corteva is doing as a business to help those on the front line fight Covid-19 and support those seriously affected by the outbreak.

In the UK, Corteva is currently supporting three major causes and several hospitals with donations.

The organisations support our amazing NHS staff, ensure those in need have access to food and a charity looking after the welfare of older people who desperately need help during this crisis.

In Ireland we are contributing to two organisations who support front line medical staff and older people who are living alone.

Our global response

Our actions in the UK and Ireland are being mirrored across the world by our European and Global teams.

Corteva is committed to helping individuals and communities impacted by Covid-19.

This year, Corteva will donate more than $1.5 million USD to global food security organisations around the world that are helping those that are food insecure during these challenging times. 

Corteva employees have been encouraged to make donations to food banks, food pantries and other organisations. The company is also donating supplies and materials that can be used by professionals who are working to treat and prevent the Covid-19 spread.

Our CEO, Jim Collins, has written an informative LinkedIn post summarising Corteva’s response to both charities and staff.

We continue to do business

Our teams are operational from home and vital services such as our Customer Hotline is available for those who need information and advice about our products.

We are totally committed to support you and your business.

Key contacts during Covid-19

Key Corteva contact:
Liz Glynn - National Field Technical Manager 
Mobile: 086 844 5306 /

Technical Hotline:  
+44 800 689 8899 /