Press Release •  05/03/2021

Pioneer brand silage inoculants certified for use on organic farms

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Silage inoculants from industry-leading brand Pioneer are now approved for organic use, helping farmers maximise the feed value of their forage and drive profitability.

Pioneer has led the development of silage inoculant technology since the 1970s and this latest certification means organic farmers can also benefit from Pioneer’s full range of silage inoculants.

High-quality silage is vital to the profitability of livestock businesses. Pioneer Brand silage inoculants help organic farmers gain more from their silage by improving fermentation, increasing feeding quality and reducing aerobic losses.

Pioneer Brand 1188 is one of Pioneer’s earliest silage inoculants but continues to be a popular choice when ensiling grass cut at 25% dry matter content or less. 1188 contains six different strains of lactic acid-producing bacteria. These multiple strains improve silage fermentation through their unique combined ability to fully use nearly all available sugar types thereby rapidly and efficiently lowering the pH.

For farmers making drier silage there is an increasing risk of mould and yeast growth due to the presence of oxygen so Pioneer Brand 11G22, containing Lactobacillus buchneri, is recommended. It combines several of the powerful lactic acid-producing strains found in 1188 along with Pioneer’s key strain of Lactobacillus buchneri. This innovative product speeds up lactic fermentation and prevents heating and mould growth in both grass and whole-crop cereal silages. Now further improved with the addition of the recently registered, special fast-acting strain of Lactobacillus buchneri, 11G22 has been renamed 11G22 Rapid React.

Pioneer Brand 11G22 Rapid React ensures the aerobic stability of drier grass silage from as soon as one week after ensiling, allowing for an earlier feed-out. Using 11G22 Rapid React can also reduce losses from shrinkage during feedout and helps to maintain a cool temperature when the silage is exposed to air. Where forage is short and silage needs to be fed as soon as possible after ensiling, 11G22 Rapid React ensures silage is aerobically stable on opening.

Also certified for use on organic farms, is Pioneer Brand 11GFT. Following the discovery of a novel strain of Lactobacillus buchneri, Pioneer developed its unique patented Fibre Technology range of products, including 11GFT.  Developed especially for grass and whole-crop cereal silage, 11GFT offers farmers an even higher level of fibre digestibility, alongside the existing benefits of improved fermentation and aerobic stability. The ferulate enzymes produced by 11GFT break the bonds holding valuable cell wall contents within the plant lignin making them more available for digestion. As such, 11GFT makes a great choice for high production herds and can help lower feed costs by reducing the need for supplementary feeds.

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