Potato & maize nutrient efficiency biostimulant

Biological solution designed to maximise crop potential and increase its profitability with low environmental impact. 

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Proven results

BlueN provides an alternative source of nitrogen that reduces dependency of nitrogen uptake from the soil and ensures the plant has access to nitrogen all season long.

When applied on top of the normal nitrogen regime in a potato crop, BlueN will:

  • produce the average yield increase of 3.3t/ha in over 80% of crops
  • produce the overall average yield increase of 2.5t/ha

About BlueN


  • Enhanced plant growth and resilience

BlueN enhances plant growth and resilience by improving the nitrogen availability in the plant throughout the growing season.

  • Easy to use

BlueN is simple to store and apply

  • Provides a sustainable source of nitrogen

BlueN meets changing market expectations by providing a sustainable source of nitrogen, without the risk of leaching or releasing additional greenhouse gases. Increasing nitrogen fertiliser does not necessarily make it available to the plant.

Nitrogen fertiliser is subject to loss and is not necessarily available when your crop needs it. BlueN provides an alternative source of nitrogen that reduces dependency of nitrogen uptake from the soil and ensures the plant to access to nitrogen all season long.

How does it work?

BlueN contains a naturally occurring nitrogen-fixing bacteria, Methylobacterium symbioticum, which fixes nitrogen from the air and converts it for the plant into ammonium, resulting in a constant supply of nitrogen to the plant.

The bacteria in BlueN, Methylobacterium symbioticum, fixes on average the equivalent of 30kg/ha of supplemental N for a crop during the growing season, via enzymatic reactions this is converted to amino acids for plant growth.

The bacteria in BlueN are endophytes, they can live inside the plant during its lifecycle (all season) fixing nitrogen during that time.

Methylobacterium symbioticum bacteria in BlueN contain chromophores, these are pigmented bodies that reflect light to chloroplasts and intensify photosynthesis helping the plant make more sugars.

Methylobacterium symbioticum have flagella, these flagella help the bacteria to move to all areas of the plant, particularly new active growth.


BlueN nutrient efficiency biostimulant is an effective solution for a range of crops – see the label for specific crops. 

Technical Specifications

Application - how to get the best from BlueN

Apply to actively growing plants unaffected by stress.

  • Apply in the early morning when greater number of stomata are open
  • Optimum day temperature for application is between 10°C -30°C.
  • Apply with sufficient plant biomass when the crop presents good soil coverage.
  • Use water with a pH between 5 and 8.


333g / ha ​

Water Volumes:
100-400 L/ha depending on crop type

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