Kinsidro Grow+


Kinsidro Grow+ is a foliar biostimulant for use in a range of crops including maize, oilseed rape, cereals and sugar beet.


It is made up of highly concentrated humic and fulvic acids which are chelated with key micro and macro-nutrients.This patented, unique formulation affects the biological activity of plants, stimulates cell division and plant growth. 


In addition, Kinsidro Grow+ increases the amount of chlorophyll, therefore improving the efficiency of photosynthesis. After applying Kinsidro Grow+, plants can use nutrients more effectively, their tolerance to environmental stress may be greater, which can lead to improvements in the size and quality of the crop. 

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About Kinsidro® Grow+

Key benefits

  • Root, leaf biomass and yield increase
  • Aids nutrient uptake
  • Increase stem diameter
  • Increase chlorophyll content in the leaves leading to increased photosynthetic activity
  • Shown to increase the number of tillers, grains/ear, thousand grain weight and yield increase in cereals


Kinsidro® Grow+ can be applied to a range of crops including the following:
  • Beet 
  • Cereals 
  • Maize 
  • Oilseed rape

Technical Specifications


  • Humic and fulvic acids
  •  Potassium Oxide, Sulfur Trioxide, Boron, Cobalt, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum, and Zinc

Application – how to get the best from Kinsidro Grow+

  • Apply twice in winter crops – one application in Autumn and one in Spring
  • Kinsidro ® Grow+ is designed to be absorbed by the foliage and is soluble in water
  • For mixing, add Kinsidro ® Grow+ to a half-full sprayer tank with the agitator on, top up to the required amount with water while stirring continuously
  • Do not apply if rainfall is expected within 3 hours of treatment
  • Apply at the timings specified in the table below
  • Please refer to the label or call the technical hotline (0800 689 8899) for further information, including tank mixes

Rate and timing



Application timing



GS 12-16

Winter cereals


1st application GS 12-14, 2nd application GS 28-32.  Optional additional timings GS 39 and/or GS 61

Spring cereals


GS 12-29

Winter oilseed rape


1st application GS 12-16, 2nd application GS 28-32.  Optional additional timing between GS 51-59

Sugar beet


With 1st or 2nd post-emergent (of the crop) herbicide application


Water volumes

150 - 300 litres of water per hectare

Spray quality: 



All conventional nozzles 

Pack size:



WG Wettable Granules

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