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Belkar® is a post-emergence autumn applied herbicide for use on winter oilseed rape. It is highly effective against key weeds such as cleavers, cranesbill, fumitory, poppies and shepherd’s purse.

Belkar contains Arylex™ active, a new active ingredient for oilseed rape, together with the well-established active ingredient picloram. It delivers robust and reliable control of key problem weeds in variable temperatures with a flexible window of application from September to the end of December.

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OSR offer 2023

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Alternative to pre-emergence herbicides

  • Wait for the crop to establish
  • Adds a new level of flexibility to oilseed rape weed control programmes

Robust weed control

Robust control of many competitive weed species including cleavers, cranesbill, poppy, fumitory and shepherd’s purse

Wide application window

Wide window of application to suit weather and workloads

  • Can be applied as a single application from BBCH-12-14 at a rate of 0.25 L/ha
  • Can be applied as a sequential application at 0.25 L/ha (BBCH12-14), followed by a further 0.25 L/ha with a minimum interval of 2 weeks between applications
  • Can also be applied at a later stage from BBCH-16 to BBCH-18, before 1st January at a rate of 0.5 L/ha



No following crop restrictions

No following crop restrictions in a normal crop rotation


Oilseed rape

Weeds Controlled

Weed 0.25 L/ha 0.5 L/ha
Chickweed, common - MS<8cm
Cleavers S<2cm S<10cm
Cranesbill, small flowered S<2cm S<8cm
Fumitory, common S<3cm S<15cm
Mayweed, scented S<2cm S<8cm
Mayweed, scentless MS<1cm S<8cm
Penny-cress, field MS<2cm S<8cm
Poppy, common MS<2cm S<8cm
Dead-nettle, red S<2cm S<8cm
Shepherds Purse S<2cm S<10cm
Label weed spectrum. Key: S – susceptible, MS – moderately susceptible

Technical Specifications

Product Registration Number: PCS 06195

Active Ingredient: 10 g/L Arylex + 48 g/L picloram

Pack size: 3.0 Litres

Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate

Maximum Individual Dose: 0.5 L/ha

Maximum Total Dose: 0.5 L/ha

Application Timing: 1st September – 1st January BBCH-12 to BBCH-21
0.25 L/ha from 1st September, once the crop has 2 leaves unfolded (BBCH-12)
0.5 L/ha from 15th September, once the crop has 6 leaves unfolded (BBCH-16)

Water Volumes: 150-300 L/ha

Spray Quality: Medium as defined by BCPC

Buffer Zone: 5m (reducible)

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