young grass ley



Envy® is for use in 3 key areas:

• Where horses or cattle graze low input grassland

• To replace straight fluroxypyr for chickweed control

• For weed control in new sown leys


Envy controls buttercups, dandelions, daisy and other perennial weeds in paddocks and low productivity grassland. Envy has a short stock exclusion of just 7 days and no herbicide residue concerns in manure, which is very important in equine situations where manure is picked and used on gardens or allotments.

Use to replace straight fluroxypyr on chickweed where it is more effective in cooler conditions & at lower rates. Use before chickweed flowers.

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About Envy®


New sown leys and established grassland

In new sown leys apply to weeds which are small and actively growing

Usage advice

  • Envy is a contact herbicide, so broad-leaved weeds not present at application will not be controlled
  • If weeds grow beyond the ideal stage, consider cutting the sward and spraying the regrowth
  • Allow 2-3 weeks after cutting before applications of Envy are made to allow sufficient regrowth
  • Allow an interval of 4 weeks after application before cutting grass to optimise the effect of the herbicide
  • Do not roll or harrow grass for 10 days before or 7 days after application
  • Do not spray where clover or other legumes are a valuable constituent of the sward
  • Grass seed can be stitched in 1 month after application
  • Clover can be stitched in 3 months after application
  • Grazing can resume after just 7 days
  • This may need to be longer if foliage of poisonous weeds such as ragwort is present



  • Newly sown grass leys
  • Established grass
  • Grass for seed

Technical Specifications

Product Registration Number:
PCS 05806

Active Ingredient:
100 g/litre fluroxypyr + 2.5 g/litre florasulam

Pack Size:
3.0 Litre

Suspension Emulsion

Maximum Individual Dose:
2.0 L/ha established grassland
1.5 L/ha new sown leys
1.5 L/ha grass for seed

Maximum Total Dose:
2.0 L/ha established grassland
1.5 L/ha new sown leys
1.5 L/ha grass for seed

Latest Timing:
7 days before grazing
28 days before cutting

Application Timing:
1st February - 30th November, new sown leys and esta1ished grass
1st March - 30th November grass for seed

Water Volumes:
200 L/ha new sown leys
200-400 L/ha established grassland

Spray Quality:
MEDIUM as defined by BCPC

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