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Forefront® T delivers the highest levels of control of docks, thistles, nettles, ragwort, buttercups and dandelions. It can only be used on grazing ground or after last cut of silage. Manure restrictions apply.
It is very safe to grass.


Use Forefront T because:

- It is the best available control of broad-leaved dock, curled dock, creeping thistle, spear thistle, common nettle, dandelion, creeping buttercup and ragwort

- Forefront T moves to the roots ensuring high levels of long-term control

- Can be used in pastures grazed by cattle or sheep for enhanced grazing productivity


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About Forefront® T


One solution weed control

The combination of aminopyralid and triclopyr gives the best available control of broadleaved dock, curled dock, creeping thistle, spear thistle, common nettle, dandelion, creeping buttercup and ragwort in one solution.


Use at 2.0 L/ha in a water volume of 200 L/ha. If weed numbers are high, or if the grass sward is dense, increase to 300 L/ha. Reducing water volume to speed up spraying operations can lead to poorer long-term control.

Cattle & sheep grazing

Only use in grassland for grazing by cattle or sheep. Take stock out during spraying then return no sooner than 7 days later. Do not apply to grassland that will be used for silage, hay or haylage. It can be used after the last silage cut – allow 2-3 weeks for sufficient weed regrowth to occur.

Usage advice

Avoid treating weeds suffering from waterlogging, drought stress, cold stress, suffering from disease, e.g. Ramularia, or those affected by insect damage, e.g. dock beetle.  A 5 metre buffer must be left unsprayed next to surface water bodies.

Forefront T is not approved for use by hand-held equipment, e.g. knapsack or lance. Choose Grazon Pro for these uses. Target actively growing plants in the rosette stage up to 250mm across or high. If larger than this consider topping and spraying the regrowth 2-3 weeks later.




Grass, established

Technical Specifications

Product Registration Number:
PCS No. 05395

Active Ingredient:
30 g/litre aminopyralid + 240 g/litre triclopyr

Pack Size:
2.0 litres

Oil in water emulsion

Maximum Individual Dose:
2.0 L/ha

Maximum Total Dose:
2.0 L/ha

Only use between 1st March and 31st July.
For applications made between 1st March and 31st May, 1 application may be made per calendar year. For applications made between 1st June and 31st July, only 1 application may be made in a 2-year period.

Water Volumes:
200 – 300 L/ha

Spray Quality:
MEDIUM as defined by BCPC

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