Japanese knotweed

Garlon® Ultra


Garlon® Ultra is a soluble concentrate containing aminopyralid (present as 23.08 g/litre aminopyralid trisopropanolammonium salt) + 120 g ae/litre triclopyr (present as 167.36 g/litre triclopyr triethylammonium).


For the control of a wide range of deep-rooted perennial, herbaceous weeds and woody weeds on amenity grassland to include non-crop land such as motorways and railway embankments, roadsides and industrial areas (but excluding airfields).


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Grass, Amenity

Technical Specifications

Product Registration Number: 
PCS No 04473

Active Ingredient:
12 g/L aminopyralid and 120 g/L triclopyr

Soluble Concentrate

Dose Rate:
4.0 L/ha (max 1 treatment per annum)

March-October to actively growing weeds

Water Volumes:
200 L/ha

Spray Quality: 
MEDIUM as defined by BCPC


For more information download: 

Garlon® Ultra Label

Garlon® Ultra Safety Data Sheet


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