Use Grazon®Pro because:

• It contains 60 g/L clopyralid + 240 g/L triclopyr

• This combination provides excellent control of broad-leaved dock, curled dock, creeping thistle, spear thistle and common nettle and also has an effect on a large range of other weeds – see our weed list

• It is one of very few products with a label which fully endorses the use via hand held application equipment

• It is fast acting and controls a wide spectrum of weeds

• It moves to the roots ensuring high levels of long-term control

• Stock grazing can resume only 7 days after application (but longer if poisonous weeds such as ragwort are present)

• It is very good value for money – 16 knapsacks from each litre of product when mixed in 10 litre batches

• It is rainfast in only 2 hours and is very safe to grass


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About Grazon® Pro

Top tips for Grazon® Pro

  • Peel open the label and read in full before use
  • Use only through a knapsack or other hand held equipment, e.g. lance
  • The rate of application is 60 ml in 10 litres of water
  • Target weeds at the right size – young and actively growing is best. If you have topped the weeds first then wait 2-3 weeks for sufficient weed regrowth before spraying
  • Ensure your knapsack is properly maintained, clean and free of dirt with the nozzles able to deliver a consistent and even spray
  • Wear suitable protective clothing when handling and measuring the concentrate and whilst spraying – gloves, coveralls and rubber boots are essential
  • Spray until weed leaves are thoroughly wet, but stop before the spray runs off the leaves
  •  Spray must be aimed away from the water
  • Keep other people and pets out of treated areas for at least 2 hours until spray has dried on leaf
  • When spraying is finished, clean out the tank, spray lines and nozzle, making sure the washings go on a treated area. If the Grazon® Pro container is empty, rinse thoroughly 3 times with clean water and dispose of the rinsings on the treated area.


  • Grass, established


Label weeds:


Optimum timing of application

Common nettle

Spray when actively growing but preferably before flowering (normally up to mid-June).

Curled dock

Broad-leaved dock

Treat in the spring when the docks are in the rosette stage up to 25 cm high. On large well-established docks, or where there is a high reservoir of seed in the soil, a second application the following year may be required

Creeping thistle

Spray when actively growing but before flowering spikes are 15 cm high. Application of Grazon Pro at flowering or during seeding is likely to produce reduced levels of control.

Bramble, broom and gorse

Spray in June-August when actively growing but before plants begin to senesce in the autumn. It is essential that, particularly with large bushes, all the foliage is thoroughly wetted or incomplete kill may result.


Technical Specifications

Product Registration Number:
PCS No. 05182

Active Ingredient:
240 g/litre triclopyr + 60 g/litre clopyralid

Pack Size:
1.0 Litre

Emulsifiable concentrate

Recommended Dose:
60 ml Grazon®Pro in 10 L water

Maximum Total Dose:
One per year

Latest Timing:
7 days before grazing, 28 days before cutting

Water Volumes:
60 ml Grazon Pro in 10 L water

Spray Quality:
MEDIUM as defined by BCPC

Best Use Advice for Spot treatment with Grazon®Pro 

  • Grazon®Pro is a professional use product, therefore ensure all knapsack operators have necessary professional qualifications
  • Service and maintain knapsack sprayers regularly and calibrate before use
  • Fit an appropriately sized nozzle to deliver a medium to fine spray pattern
  • Users should wear appropriate PPE when mixing and applying Grazon®Pro: face shield, gloves, coveralls and rubber boots
  • Apply at the rate stated on the label – for Grazon®Pro this is 60 ml in 10 L water
  • Apply chemical to a dry foliage area, avoid applications to disease or pest ridden targets as this will affect the efficacy of the spray
  • Spray to thoroughly wet the foliage of the target weed, but avoid application to the point of run-off


What is the grazing interval for Grazon®Pro?
Seven days. Ideally allow 28 days if cutting the field for silage or hay. The seven day exclusion period may need to be extended if poisonous weeds are present.

What rate of Grazon®Pro should be applied through a knapsack?
60 ml of Grazon®Pro in 10 litres water.

Can I use Grazon®Pro on my lawn?
No. Grazon®Pro is a professional product recommended for use only as an agricultural herbicide.

What products do Corteva Agroscience recommend to control brambles in grassland?
Brambles should be sprayed between June and August, when plants are actively growing, but before plants begin to senesce in the autumn. It is essential that all foliage is thoroughly wetted or incomplete kill may result. The maximum concentration must not exceed 60ml of GrazonPro per 10 litres of water.

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