Sheep grazing in thistle field



Thistlex® is a very effective translocated product for both creeping and spear thistle. It is very safe to grass. 

Thistles need controlling because they:

·         compete with grass for space, light, nutrients and water

·         are unpalatable to stock

·         lead to greater incidence of Orf

·         reduce the available grazing


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About Thistlex®


Reasons to use Thistlex® 

• It gives outstanding control of creeping thistle and spear thistle
•  It gives up to 85% control 12 months after application
•  It also has activity on common nettle and dandelion
•  Thistlex does not hold back grass growth after application


Apply between 1st March and 31st October. Use once per year at a rate of 1.0 L/ha in a water volume of 200 L/ha.


  • Grass

    Grass, established

Technical Specifications

Product Registration Number:
PCS No. 03831

Active Ingredient:
200 g/litre clopyralid + 200 g/litre triclopyr

Pack Size:
1.0 Litre

Solution Concentrate

Maximum Individual Dose:
1.0 L/ha

Maximum Total Dose:
1.0 L/ha (one application per year)

Latest Timing:
7 days before grazing

Water Volume:
200 – 400 L/ha

Spray Quality:
MEDIUM as defined by BCPC

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