Titus® is a sulfonylurea herbicide containing rimsulfuron for control of broad-leaved weeds in potatoes. 

Titus is an important herbicide for potato growers, particular on organic soils where soil movement and weed loading mean that pre-emergence treatments need a follow up herbicide to control successive weed flushes, or in dry seasons when pre-emergence herbicide activity will be negatively affected.

About Titus®


Titus is often used alone with a wetter to provide post-emergence activity across all potato varieties, excluding seed crops.

In fields where no pre-emergence herbicide has been applied, or if conditions have been too dry, a mixture of Titus + metribuzin and a wetter will broaden the weed spectrum.

Titus works most effectively against small, actively growing weeds, so target weeds at cotyledon to four-leaf stage, and before the crop reaches 15 cm, to minimise weed shading.



Technical Specifications

Water dispersible granules containing 250 g/kg rimsulfuron

Recommended crop:

Broad-leaved weeds (charlock, cleavers, chickweed, hemp-nettle, small nettle and volunteer oilseed rape, plus polygonum weeds) and suppression of couch grass

Use rate:
50 g/ha + wetter

Water volume and spray quality:
200 L/ha at a MEDIUM spray quality

Tank Cleaning:

Use All Clear Extra

PCS 03992

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