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Zorvec Enicade®


Realise Unmatched Consistency and Disease Control

Zorvec  Enicade® (oxathiapiprolin) disease control provides an unrivalled combination of consistency and control to help you grow a better crop, even under the most challenging environmental conditions. The combined strengths of both persistent protection and curative control from this new chemical group (FRAC group 49) allows Zorvec Enicade® to offer robust control of late potato blight based on a spray interval of up to 10 days. Class leading rainfastness based on a strong association of Zorvec Enicade® with the leaf waxes helps complete the picture.


Protection from stem blight

stem blight control with Zorvec
  • One of the key characteristics of Zorvec® is its strong association with the plant waxes and ability to re-distribute within these waxes. Not only does this give class-leading rainfastness but it ensures great coverage of the plant stem when applied early in the season. This, coupled to the persistent protection offered by Zorvec®, provides class-leading* protection from stem blight. 

  •  Stem blight can act as a persistent source of re-infection and is commonly considered as a source of spores leading to tuber blight. Therefore improved stem blight control can act to reduce end of season tuber blight.         

  • When stems have the green chlorophyll removed, if healthy they turn golden yellow. Stem blight, however, shows as dark stains on these golden yellow stems. The photos below show the relative control of tuber blight from a number of market-leading options.                                   

* Euroblight table March 2018

Ideal at rapid growth phase

Zorvec application growth stages
  • Having demonstrated how effective Zorvec® is at protecting from stem blight and protecting growth that occurs between applications, it can be no surprise that the rapid growth phase is a key positioning for the product.                                                                                                                                                         
  • Applied at 10 day intervals, 2 sprays of Zorvec® will effectively replace 3 sprays of an alternative product with a 7 day spray recommendation. If spraying at 7 days suits management practices, Zorvec® can be used in this way and should the weather prevent a repeat application at 7 days, you can rest assured that the consistency of persistent control from Zorvec® will continue to protect the crop for up to 10 days.                                                                                                                  
  • To optimise the benefits of Zorvec®, a block of two or three sprays can be used to cover the entire rapid growth phase. Based on the persistent protection and curative activity offered by Zorvec® this should ensure a clean crop for the rest of the programme to continue protecting.

Protection of new growth

Zorvec protects new growth
  • Another powerful characteristic of Zorvec® is the ability of the product to re-distribute within the plant waxes. This allows the movement of product from treated to untreated tissue providing protection of growth that occurs between sprays. 
  • This was demonstrated by a simple but convincing experiment. The youngest growth of plants in a field was tagged the day before spraying. The field was sprayed and 10 days after spraying, plants were dug up, placed in pots and removed to the glasshouse for inoculation with potato blight. Several days later, when blight symptoms were showing on the ineffective treatments, the growth that had occurred since spraying was identified and assessed for blight symptoms.                                                                                                                                                                              
  • The diagram below represents the experiment and the graph shows the relative levels of blight control from Zorvec® and two other leading market products. It is clear the ability of Zorvec® to protect the new growth is outstanding.



Technical Specifications

Oil dispersion containing 100 g/l oxathiapiprolin.

Recommended crop:

Target disease:
Potato blight (Phytophthora infestans).

Use rate:
150 ml product per hectare, in tank-mix with a suitable partner product.

Water volume and spray quality:
Apply in 200 l/ha using a MEDIUM quality spray.
Rainfall or irrigation within 2 hours after application may reduce effectiveness.
Minimum interval between sprays:
7 days.
Limit to number of applications:
Maximum of 4 applications per season
Maximum of 3 in a block

Harvest interval:
7 days
1 litre
Area treated per pack:
6.67 ha
PCS No. 05608


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