Zorvec Entecta™


The strongest foundation for your late blight (Phytophthora infestans) programme in potatoes.


Zorvec Entecta is proven as the most effective control for Late Blight and will ensure a clean start to your blight programme, even under the most challenging conditions. Zorvec Entecta has preventative, curative and systemic activity.


Zorvec trials in 2023 show it remains proven as an effective active ingredient against Late Blight. It delivered persistent, systemic and curative activity under severe Late Blight pressure during August and September. The Zorvec ‘Bonus’ benefit is seen in Stable Canopy phase from application in Rapid Growth phase 1-3 weeks depending on disease pressure.


Zorvec Entecta co-formulation is available in a convenient 1L bottle.


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About Zorvec Entecta™

2024 Application Advice

To reduce the potential risk of resistance within the UK and Ireland, Corteva have issued the following application advice for the potato ware crop.

  • Apply Zorvec products strictly in alternation with effective chemistry having a different mode of action, other than CAA (benthiavalicarb, mandipropamid, dimethomorph)
  • The post-Zorvec application interval to the following non-Zorvec containing spray should not exceed 7 days.
  • In curative situations (disease evident or confirmed in local area) Zorvec co-formulations should be applied in tank-mix with a partner fungicide containing a curative active ingredient e.g. cymoxanil or propamocarb.​
  • Sprays containing Zorvec should not exceed 20% of the total number of sprays applied to the crop – two sprays per crop if the expected programme is less than 15 sprays.
  • A single crop should not receive more than 3 sprays containing Zorvec products.

For seed crops (incl home-saved seed) the following must also be observed;

  • Zorvec applications must always be applied with a full rate of a curative fungicide e.g. cymoxanil.
  • A single crop should not receive more than 2 sprays containing Zorvec products and these 2 sprays should not exceed 20% of the total late blight programme.

Visit the Zorvec active stewardship page here.


  • Potato

Technical Specifications


Suspo-emulsion containing 240g/l amisulbrom + 48 g/l oxathiapiprolin.

Recommended crops:

Target disease:
Potato blight (Phytophthora infestans) in Potatoes

Pack size:
1 litre

Application rate:

Potatoes: 0.25 L/ha, maximum total dose 1 L/ha

Water volume and spray quality:
Apply in at least 200 l/ha using a MEDIUM quality spray. Higher water volumes should be used in dense crops to improve coverage.

Buffer zone:
Respect a 4m aquatic buffer zone

Rain fastness:
Equivalent to the current best standard

Minimum interval between sprays:
7 days

Limit to number of applications:
Maximum of 4 applications per crop
Maximum of 2 in a block
Refer to 2024 application advice

Harvest interval:
Potatoes: 7 days

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