wheat ears at flowering stage



Zypar™ is an innovative herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds in winter cereals  (wheat, durum wheat, spelt, barley, rye, triticale and oats, and these crops under sown with grass) and spring cereals (wheat, durum wheat, barley and rye, and these crops under sown with grass).


Zypar is a combination of  ARYLEX active together with florasulam. Regardless of weather conditions, Zypar sets the industry standard for consistent, robust control of your most competitive weeds including cleavers, cranesbill, mayweed, groundsel, poppy, fumitory, fat hen, charlock, and chickweed – whatever the weather!

About Zypar®


  • Provides broad spectrum weed control irrespective of the weather or weed growth pattern – if you can travel it will work
  • No following crop restrictions
  • No cultivations required before sowing most crops
  • Robust weed control: brassica weeds, chickweed, cleavers, fumitory, fat hen, dead nettle, mayweeds, poppy and cranesbill


  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Spelt
  • Triticale
  • Wheat 
  • Oats (winter)
  • Cereals undersown with grass



Technical Specifications

Product Registration Number:
PCS 05800

Active Ingredient:
6 g/litre Arylex + 5 g/litre florasulam

Pack Size:
5.0 Litres

Oil Dispersion (liquid)

Maximum Individual Dose:
Winter Cereals
0.75 L/ha from 15th September
(in year of planting) to 14th February

Winter & Spring Cereals
1.0 L/ha from 15th February to 30th June

Winter Oats
0.5 L/ha up to 31st May (BBCH 32)

Cereals undersown with grass
1l/ha except winter oats 0.5l/ha

Maximum Total Dose:
1.0 L/ha (0.5 L/ha for winter oats)

Application Timing:
Winter Cereals
15th September to 30th June
Up to and including GS45

Winter Oats 
 up to 31st May (BBCH 32)

Spring Cereals
15th February to 30th June
Up to and including GS45

Cereals undersown with grass
June 30th, up to and including BBCH45

Water Volumes:
100-400 Litres water/ha.

Spray Quality:
MEDIUM as defined by BCPC

Flat Fan, Variable Pressure Flat Fan, Pre-Orifice, Air Inclusion, Airtec

Buffer Zone:
5m aquatic buffer 

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