Oilseed Rape


PT315 provides a very high gross output yield with a very high oil content, pod shatter resistance and turnip yellows virus resistance.

PT315 is the first Pioneer pod shatter resistant hybrid to be launched in the Ireland. An interim 2023 ADAS field trial has reported that PT315 gave ground cover of 76.7.0% and a vigour score of 6.8 on the 17th October 2022. On the 23rd March its vigour score was assessed at 9.1 and ground cover was 89.3%.

Such high levels of early growth are valued by many growers. Crops that can grow away from different threats, including cabbage stem flea beetle, provide growers with greater reassurance.     


Characteristics of PT315:

  • High Gross Output of 106%
  • Very High oil content of 46.8%
  • Pod shatter resistance
  • Turnip yellows virus (TuYV) resistance
  • High rating of 6.9 for early autumn vigour  
  • Light Leaf Spot 6, Stem Canker 6
  • Phoma resistance based on RlmE and horizontal quantitative genetic resistance
  • Large stature hybrid that has scored 9 for lodging and 8 for stem stiffness

Top level gross output and agronomics

PT315 has given a very high gross output yield of 106% of the Control yield with a very high oil content of 46.8%.

This top-level yield performance comes with a unique agronomic package including pod shatter resistance, turnip yellows virus resistance and the highest autumn vigour score of any hybrid in the Pioneer range.

PT315 scores 6 for both light leaf spot and phoma resistance. The phoma resistance is based on the RlmE resistance gene combined with broad horizontal quantitative resistance. 

High Oil

PT315 has given one of the highest oil contents of any variety in both 2021 and 2022 UK National List Trials. This level of oil content is likely to generate significant oil bonus payments. An illustration of the type of oil bonus payments that may be achieved can be seen in the table below.  

Oilseed rape

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