Maize crop



New to Ireland last year, P7381 is an impressive Pioneer hybrid that has much to offer. It has given high yields of high dry matter content on both favourable (38.2%) and less favourable sites (37.5%). It has shown resilience to the dry conditions in 2022 and the cooler conditions of 2023. P7381 can raise starch and dry matter yields in this key maturity category having shown an average 9% dry matter yield advantage over the Control hybrid on both favourable and less favourable sites in the multi-year results.

Hybrid Solutions

Primary End Use

  • Forage
  • Biogas

Hybrid Characteristics

  • Very high dry matter yields dry matter yields for this maturity
  • Very high starch yields for this maturity
  • Good early vigour
  • Very fast stover dry down at physiological maturity

Grown In The Open

  • On favourable and less favourable sites
  • Where higher yields are sought without delaying harvest date 

Grown Using The Samco System

  • On less favourable sites where early maturity and high starch content is sought 
  • On favourable sites where sowing is delayed, or an early harvest is required

Hybrid Specific Agronomic Advice

* Score on a 1- 9 scale where 9 = very resistant

** Assumes plant establishment losses of less than 5%

*** Film penetration varies with conditions and film. Trials conducted with Samco and Maizetech films