P7932 was first sold in 2018. It is a very tall, stiff strawed, large stature hybrid that produces high dry matter yields of an average starch content. P7932 can be grown under fild in good to favourable locations if it is planted in the normal sowing window, but needs a very favourable site or cultivation in the open.

P7932 at a glance

Hybrid characteristics

  • Tall, large stature, forage hybrid
  • Good early vigour and good very standing power
  • High dry matter yields for this maturity

Grown in the open

  • Only on the most favourable sites in the UK & Ireland

Grown using the Samco system

  • Suitable favourable locations under film
  • Suitable for less favourable locations unless planting is delayed


Samco System

Hybrid Specific Agronomic Advice