Pioneer Maize Hybrids

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For over a century Pioneer® has been a leading brand for the development and production of maize seed. Today, Corteva Agriscience ™ offers a range of Pioneer branded hybrids and varieties that offer a great crop depending on the growers needs.

Maize Hybrids

We have a range of very early, early, intermediate and late maturing varieties suitable for forage, biogas and grain. Find a variety that’s right for you!

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Hybrid Maturity Suitable For
P7179 Very early maturity Forage, Grain, Biogas
P7326 Very early maturity Forage, Grain, Biogas
P7034 Very early maturity Forage, Grain, Biogas
P7381 Early maturity Forage, Biogas
P7647 Early maturity Forage, Biogas
P7655 Early maturity Forage, Biogas
P7892 Very early maturity Forage, Biogas
P7948 Early maturity Forage, Grain, Biogas
P7524 Early maturity Forage, Biogas
P8200 Intermediate maturity Forage
P8153 Intermediate maturity Forage
P8201 Intermediate maturity Forage, Biogas
DS1897B Late maturity Forage, Biogas

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