Oilseed Rape

Oilseed Rape

Oilseed Rape

At Corteva Agriscience, we have a wide selection of high performing Pioneer® winter oilseed rape hybrids. They have all been specifically developed by our researchers to be fully adapted to the UK climate. Extensive performance testing across the area ensures they have the traits required for success. Top level yield potential is combined with features such as all round disease resistance, superior lodging resistance and top level oil contents. 

Oilseed Rape Hybrids

We have a range of hybrids with unique traits.

Take a look at our hybrids below and find one that’s right for you!

Hybrid Type
PT279CL Normal straw hybrid
PX131 Maximus semi dwarf hybrid
PT303 New Protector® Sclerotinia
PT315 Very High Oil Content
PT312 Protector® Sclerotinia
Oilseed Rape woman

Pioneer 2024 WOSR Guide

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