Article •  09/11/2022

Inatreq™ active statement

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After an extensive six-month investigation to find out why a number of agricultural spray applicators in the UK experienced equipment failures, it has been determined that no single factor emerges as a root cause and that claims that Corteva fungicide, Inatreq™ active, was the sole cause of these failures were not proven. 

The investigation began in May 2022 when reports were received by Corteva Agriscience claiming that some sprayer components were being affected when Corteva fungicide, Inatreq™ active, was amongst the tank mix constituents. In mainland Europe more than one million hectares were successfully treated with only one sprayer requiring attention. In the UK and Ireland, the majority of users were unaffected. 

Corteva investigations also ruled out any question of faulty batches of Inatreq being produced. 

As an aid to growers, Corteva will soon publish ‘Best Practice Guidelines’ that address the need to use the most resilient component materials when replacing sprayer parts and to practise good sprayer hygiene and regular maintenance, particularly in relation to the regular replacement of consumable parts.

Best practice guidelines

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