Inatreq™ application advice for 2024

Products containing Inatreq™ active have built a strong reputation for their robust control of septoria, including those isolates resistant to other chemistries. This means crops are kept greener for longer, giving the best possible chance for increased yields.

For farmers and sprayer operators wanting to utilise the unique benefits of Corteva products containing Inatreq active in 2024, new best practice application advice and resources are now available to help optimise field operations. 

Through resources on this page, users of Inatreq active will be equipped with practical advice on daily sprayer hygiene, best practice, regular and annual maintenance, including the additional advice from Corteva. After watching the video, scroll down for additional resources.

Inatreq™ active is available in Ireland as: 

Best practice advice

Inatreq Best Practice 2023 - Ireland
Inatreq Best Practice 2023 - Ireland

Download our best practice application advice and parts guidance

Our parts guidance document is offered as a helpful guide as to what parts might be expected to be found on different types of sprayers and what the Corteva Inatreq best practice advice means based on these observations. 
Download a pdf version here.  Updated version for 2024 coming soon.

Inatreq stewardship support offer of 200

Our Inatreq Stewardship Support Offer provided farmers and contractors a goodwill gesture of €200 towards the cost of sprayer parts purchased in conjunction with Corteva Agriscience products containing Inatreq™ fungicide. 

To find out more and to participate in our 2024 Offer, click here

Useful Contacts


Liz Glynn, Corteva National Field Technical Manager

Corteva Technical Hotline


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Inatreq™ active contains fenpicoxamid.