Article •  16/07/2021

Choose Belkar for great results this autumn

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Already the most profitable break crop in the rotation, oilseed rape is expected to make a resurgence this autumn, buoyed by strong market demand and new approaches to establishment. 

Early predictions are that some growers will increase their planted area, while those who have taken a step back from the crop in recent years could return. These factors may combine to see the total oilseed rape area comfortably exceed the hectares which will be harvested in the coming weeks. 

Research has helped improve knowledge around how to successfully establish a resilient crop, and new thinking has developed in the face of pest and weather challenges seen in recent years. But growers will still be determined to minimise risk as much as possible, driven by variety choice, drilling dates and an effective herbicide programme. 

Belkar®, from Corteva Agriscience, has become an intrinsic part of integrated crop protection strategies which delivers great results. The post-emergence herbicide deals with many broad-leaved weeds including cleavers, shepherd’s purse, fumitory and cranesbill, without the need to invest up-front in pre-emergence or early post emergence herbicides. Belkar allows growers to wait until a crop has established before deciding on their herbicide investment. 

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