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The new and unique solution for flexible and robust cereal disease control.


Aquino™ is a new fungicide for the control of Septoria tritici, brown rust and yellow rust in winter wheat, winter triticale, winter spelt and durum wheat.


Aquino is broad-spectrum fungicide containing Fenpicoxamid, more commonly known as Inatreq™ active. 


Inatreq active offers a new and unique site of action for curative and persistent protection against all Septoria strains. 


As a new site of action, straight Inatreq active in Aquino will be supplied with a carefully chosen partner product, Turret® 60, as it will need protecting from the development of resistance. Used in this way, Inatreq active itself will help protect the partner product from any further shifts in sensitivity.


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About Aquino

Best Use Advice

  • Aquino™ may be used on all commercial varieties of winter crops of wheat, triticale, durum wheat and spelt wheat.

  • Ideally apply at T2 to see maximum yield benefits but Aquino could alternatively be applied at T1 if preferred.
  • Apply at the recommended rate of 2L/ha.
  • Aquino will give the best results before the disease has become established in the crop.
  • Rainfastness is 1 hour for Aquino.
  • Aquino MUST always be used in a mixture with a partner product which has a different mode of action.


Resistance Management

Aquino MUST always be used in a mixture with a partner product which has a different mode of action. Available in a co-pack with Turret 60, these products work together for complete control.

Turret 60 adds to Aquino’s control of yellow and brown rust.

You must not apply more than one application of Aquino to any cereal crop in the same year.


Winter wheat

Winter triticale

Winter spelt

Durum wheat

Technical Specifications

Product Registration Number:
PCS 06751 

Active Ingredients:
50g/L Fenpicoxamid (Inatreq active) (FRAC Code 21) 

Pack Size:
Aquino will be supplied with Turret 60 as a co-pack

Emulsifiable Concentrate (iQ-4 formulation)

Maximum Single Dose Rate:
2.0 L/ha

Maximum Total Dose:
2.0 L/ha

Maximum Number of Applications:
1 per crop per season

Application Timing:
Beginning of stem elongation (GS 30)- end of flowering (GS 69)

1 hour 

Water Volumes:
100-300 L/ha

Aquatic Buffer Zone:
Buffer zone is determined by the STRIPE Water Tool but if the ditch is dry only a 1m buffer zone is required


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