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Corteva Agriscience™ has partnered with LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) to support four farmers in becoming industry leaders in sustainable agriculture.

'Resilient and Ready' is an immersive, action-packed three-year programme of training, technical support and mentoring to adopt more sustainable farming and gain the skills and know-how.

LEAF and Corteva set out to work with two businesses but, after receiving a substantial number of applications, doubled the size of the initiative.

The four farms – two in Scotland and two in England – will now undergo a tailored programme of training, consultancy and trials, measuring their performance and sharing their experiences with other farmers across the UK.

The first Resilient and Ready farms are:


The four farms were announced on 2nd March 2020.  Read the full story here

We will be sharing more news and updates as the programme develops. Watch this space.

For further information regarding LEAF, visit their website

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