Andy Bason


Sparsholt College graduate Andy has been the manager at Newhouse Farm for 10 years. The 800ha estate has 600ha put to arable cropping which has been min-till cultivated for two decades. Andy uses variable rate technology for fertiliser, nitrogen and seed with parts of the farm set aside for trials to test new techniques in crop management. Elsewhere, there is 70ha of woodland, a small sheep flock and a pig herd. Andy is keen on communication as a former AHDB Monitor Farm and LEAF Open Farm Sunday host.

He said: “I really enjoy the interaction with farmers and the public and that’s part of the reason why I applied for the Resilient and Ready Programme – to grow that engagement.

“We host a number of visitors on the farm and the science and technology we use blows them away. I’m really keen to get away from the stereotypes and be proud to show people what we do.

“I also want to know more about the wildlife and biodiversity on the farm. I want to be able to measure it and improve the habitats and environment while understanding what the right thing is to do for the future.

“There is uncertainty around farming but I am an optimistic person and view this as an exciting time. Let’s crack on make the most of the opportunities out there to put our farms in a great place for the next generation.”

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