Press Release •  22/02/2021

Anticipation builds ahead of first major use of Inatreq active fungicide in Ireland

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Cereal growers and agronomists in Ireland are getting set for the first full year with an exciting new fungicide at their disposal.

Inatreq active was registered for use in the country in April 2020 and is being fully launched for use this spring by Corteva AgriscienceTM.

Inatreq is a revolutionary molecule providing cereal growers with the first fungicide in 15 years with a unique target site to tackle septoria.

A small number of growers were able to put the new chemistry to the test last year and saw positive results in terms of disease control and long length of protection.

The development of Inatreq is a major milestone and comes at a crucial time for farmers who need innovations they can rely on and benefit from.

Inatreq’s huge strength is its robust control of septoria – the number one disease threat posed to yield on Irish arable farms.

In maintaining green leaf area, the product allows the crop to build yield long after application. Trials have consistently shown it is as good as any other fungicide on the market at protecting crops from yellow and brown rust. 

Crucially, the molecule works at a novel target site that no other fungicide on the market has the ability to do, making it an important component and tool in sustainable resistance management strategies.

Inatreq shows no cross-resistance to existing cereal fungicide chemistries, and farmers in Ireland will also benefit from its flexible application characteristics and consistent, broad-spectrum performance.

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