Grassland Weed Control

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Weed control in grassland 

Choosing the right grassland herbicide for the right situation and applying it at the right time are key to being able to grow great grass.

Use the tables below to find the right solution to a range of weed problems in grassland and to identify the best timing for the control of key weeds.

Use our solutions to grow great grass!

Controlling weeds in pastures is important because they:

  •       Compete with grass for space, light, nutrients and water.
  •       Are unpalatable to stock.
  •       Can be poisonous e.g. ragwort or buttercup.
  •       Take over the pasture and left unchecked limit ability to graze.
  •       Can spread to neighbouring properties.
  •       Make pastures look messy, untidy and unkempt.  


Herbicide control options

A grassland herbicide will not cure the underlying problems but will help renovate the pasture to a more productive level for a period of time.

Knapsack control works out more cost-effective if weed populations are below 5% (count number of docks and/or thistles in a 5m x 7m area – this number gives the % weed population).

Choose a product that will deliver a:

  •       High level of safety so grass growth is unaffected.
  •       Grazing interval that is short so animals can return back to paddocks quickly.
  •       High level of grass safety so grass growth is unaffected.

Products for use in established grassland

Grassland Weed Control Leaflet

Grassland Weed Control Leaflet

Please download the grassland weed control leaflet to find out more.